Terms of Services

By signing up for our services, you agree to the following terms  of the services:

1. Payment: We require an initial or full payment at the time of signing this contract in order to begin work on the project outlined in our proposal. After receiving the payment, a new contract with a definite timeline will be constructed.

2. Warranty: We guarantee that the work will be done in a respectful way and that all the work carried out under this agreement will be the original work of eGiiG: Marketing Automation Service or any of the agency representatives will not face any copyright issues.

3. Revisions and Refunds: We offer multiple revisions during the completion of projects; however, we do not provide refunds after full project submission or upon completion unless there are extenuating circumstances where only partial refunds can be claimed.

4. Termination: If agency (eGiiG.com) or the client choose to terminate the contract, we reserves the right to obtain payment for the services that have been provided. In such a case, we will refund any remaining balance after deducting our service fees.

5. Usage of the projects: We reserve the right to use any created project as part of our portfolio and as a reference for our clients, either party, unless otherwise requested in writing by the client

6. Liability: eGiiG: Marketing Automation Service is not liable for any damages or losses that may incur due to the usage of our services.

7. Disputes: In case of a dispute, either party can send a written notice, and both parties will try to settle it in good faith. If no resolution is possible, then either party can take the dispute to arbitration for a final decision.