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November 6, 2020

Guest Posting


Well, you definitely would know what it exactly is.

And if you have recently started your own online business, you might be trying to figure out ways to improve the ranking of your website on the search engine results.

And that’s where blogging comes in.

Blogging involves businesses publishing high-quality optimized blog posts or articles on their websites’ blog page, thereby adding value to the customers and prospects.


That’s not it!

You shouldn’t just always keep the good stuff for yourself.

If you are looking forward to building a great online presence and authority for your brand, it's time that you gave guest posting a chance.

But what is guest posting exactly?

Never heard of it?

Well, then, let’s take a brief look at what Guest Posting is all about.

What’s Guest Posting Exactly?

Guest Posting also called Guest Blogging, is an effective way of building relationships and authority in the online world by contributing a well-written blog post to other persons' or organization's blogs.

Guest Post

Here’s what the basic goal of guest posting is:

  • Search for a blog whose audience might be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Write high-quality content for the blog.

That’s it!

I would go as far as to say that the content that you create for guest posting purposes should be top-notch and should add value to the audience that reads it.

It should be even better than the one you publish on your websites’ blog. It must be capable of generating additional comments, social shares as well as traffic on the blog.

Now that we know what Guest Posting exactly is, it’s time to take a look at why it’s still SUPER-DUPER important.

Here are the top advantages of Guest Posting:

Quality Traffic

That’s what you should aim for.

That’s the sole reason why lots of businesses spend huge bucks to create quality content for the purpose of guest posting.

Sometimes, you might get 500 visitors.

Sometimes, more than that.

However, the traffic that will be visiting your website will be of high-quality (The ones who really are interested in what you have to offer.)

Develop Authority

How much times does it take for a new business or a new blogger to build authority?

Lots of years!

That’s what I hear the most.


What if I told you that you can build the authority of your website in merely a few months?

Guest posting will go a long way to help you with it.

When the people on the other blog find your blog post or article to add value to their lives and solve their problem, they will be really interested in giving you a chance.

And that’s how you will be able to develop authority in your sector.

Build Domain Authority

One of the top advantages of guest posting involves building a search engine and domain authority.

You don't need to carry out thorough research for the right SEO keyword as well as perform competition analysis to help you with it.

Instead, all you need to do is to provide top-notch content to the audience on the blog.

From my personal perspective, guest posting is the best method to build authoritative links to your blog.

Plus, it will definitely help in improving your blog search engine authority as well.

Build Portfolio & Credibility

What's the first thing that most people take a look at before buying from a business?

That’s their credibility and whether they are capable of getting the job done.

And that’s what Guest Posting is really effective at.

With guest posting, you will be building a portfolio on a wider scale.

If you keep it up regularly, you will be able to convey a message that you are one of the well-reputed brands out there and it’s time that people knew about you.

Social Media

Sometimes, all the businesses care about is their social media presence.

And that’s where guest posting knocks it out of the park.

You can build an outstanding social media presence for your brand or yourself.

Sometimes, people even are able to get 1000+ followers a day on Twitter after successfully adding a link to their Twitter profile on the guest posts.

Well, that sums up for the fact that you should begin with your GUEST POSTING journey as soon as possible.

And that’s what eGiiG Guest Posting Services can help you with perfectly.

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

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