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Why We Are The Best Local SEO Service Provider

eGiiG is one of the best local SEO service providers that know the people's pulse and market trends.

As a local SEO agency, we try our best to learn about the scope, extension, and types of your business. Later, we develop a strategy and design a campaign aligning your local business goals and requirements.

Our network is vast and deeply rooted in almost every sector of the market. You will get the most authentic feedback and reviews from some of the trendsetters and market leaders.

We take care of improving Google My Business, social media listing, and local citation according to your business type and goals. By doing this, we give you the freedom to do what you are best at-run your business.

Why Local SEO

Local SEO Statistics

What We Do

Increase Local Exposure

Customers search for products and services, and they love to work with local businesses in their community. We will help you found your company with potential local customers.

Outrank Competitors

Rank over competitors never easy. We will apply our Local SEO strategy to find out competitors' secrets to be outranked easily.

Make Sales

We will help build an SEO strategy that will drive customers to your store when they are ready to buy.

Whether In an urban area, small town, Or busiest city, every Local Business needs more Customers and Sales, Right? Drive foot traffic with our white label Local SEO Service. Be discovered in local communities with our strategy designed to rank local businesses.

eGiiG Local SEO Strategy


Comprehensive On Site Technical 


Among other vital factors, technical SEO is a less-known yet powerful factor that needs to be appropriately optimized. It is one of the most vital SEO foundations, which is crucial to outrank local competitors.

  • on-page audit

  • link profile Audit

  • citation Audit

  • Google My Business audit

How do you know if your local business website is performing well? Well, an expert local audit can find the current conditions, the gaps, and opportunities for further improvement so that you can outrank competitors.

  • Proper title tag
  • Proper heading tag
  • Image ALT tag attribute
  • Display NAP Details
  • Content Review
  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Url Structure
  • Site Speed Check
  • Mobile Friendly Check
  • Schema Markup Check
  • Meta Description Check
  • Competitors Keywords


Comprehensive On Site Technical Optimization

After completing a comprehensive website audit, we'll send a report of the current condition and start optimizing each issue that needs to be fixed. We will optimize the on-page Issues, technical errors, and Google My Business listing in this stage.

  • on-page Optimization

  • GMB Optimization

Our hand-vetted SEO professionals start optimizing title tags, heading tags, and image alt tags. They also begin working on URL structure, site speed optimization, and mobile-friendliness.

Furthermore, content optimization will begin, including the NAP, missing page, thin page, schema markup, and meta descriptions. The keywords will be appropriately placed on the URLs, page title, meta descriptions, heading, and internal link.


Manually Build Local Business 


In local SEO, citations are similar to backlinks in other forms of SEO. Increasing the volume of citations helps to improve authority and increase ranking in Local search results.

In short, Local Citation is placing your website details(NAP) in the listing directories on the internet for free and sometimes paid.

Suppose Google finds your business details on other websites and citation directories. In that case, it is confirmed that you are on the business in those locations, and Google will rank your business so that customers can reach you.

Our citation service includes auditing, creating, and updating your listings to target customers in your local area for driving foot traffic.

We will audit to find the current citations, including the missing ones, and send a report to you

We will also search for the most appropriate citation for your business, update existing lists appropriately and, create new citations.

Please note that the more citation you have, the more authority your site is, and the more clients will be interested.


Link Building to Increase Off-Page


On the internet, almost everything is communicated through linking and mentioning. The backlink is the most significant and crucial factor that search engines use to rank a website. For local SEO, it is not exceptional. It is all about how your site interacts with other sites impact local search result.

eGiiG link-building services for local SEO are consistent, scalable, and designed to get local exposure, earn you credibility, drive some qualified web traffic, and bring you a profit.

  • Basic Link building

  • Premium Link Building

After all new pages have been added to the site, we will start on basic link building. Basic link building means creating easy-to-build links such as links from media sites (medium .com, selfgrowth .com, etc.) and profile links. These links help diversify the anchor text link profile to build premium links using targeted anchor texts. We don't make too many of these links, though, since they are not usually high-quality links.

If "looking at the bigger picture" is essential in international trade, then "going local" is crucial for small businesses.

Your business is located at one of the busiest intersections of the city. Still, nobody knows about your services-it's a digital marketing disaster. So, it would help if you started thinking about optimizing your business locally to climb higher in the search engine ranking.

Now comes the million-dollar question.

Should you run the campaign by yourself or buy a local SEO service from a leading digital marketing service? We will suggest getting help from the best local SEO company. However, you may have a different opinion.

Hire the Best Local SEO

Expert Now!

Don't waste your savings and time on cheap local SEO companies that promise quick ranking. You will lose the rank faster than you got it.

Local SEO is a steady process that requires dedication and skills. eGiiG has both, and above everything, we care for your business.

So don't wait. Call the best local SEO company and stamp your online presence in the market.


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