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After going through all the complexities, you must be worried about Facebook marketing campaigns . But you don’t have to. eGiiG is here for you.

What we do

Real-Time Facebook Analytics And Market Strategy

Team eGiiG here to provide professional Facebook page setup, running your ads campaign, and optimize your business properly in order to drive targeted traffic to your business.

Facebook Analytics eGiiG

Ads Setup & Management

Create, launch and maintain your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns with our social media advertising services.

Strategy & Planning

Create the best ad strategy including keyword research, targeted audiences and their interests.

Analytics & Tracking

With analytics and tracking strategies we ensure that clients are getting the most of their social ads.

why we do it

We are the SMM expert

We run every Facebook promotional campaign based on authentic market research data. Moreover, nearly decades of experience in almost every sector of Social Media marketing (SMM) and conventional digital marketing give us the edge to keep your campaign special from the competitors.

We have best strategy

Do not waste your time and fortune on cheap marketing agencies with fake promises. We don’t make promises, in eGiiG we turn them into possibilities. So, hire the best marketing agency to get the best outcome.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

We hardly put our face in any book any more. Because everything is available in Facebook-a digital oxygen to keep humanity alive.

There is not a sector in life that is not associated with this colossal social network. Let alone the business and marketing. Facebook marketing is the lifeline of any business, whether it is an MNC or a local neighborhood store. 

Due to its complicated nature and application, it is not easy to implement this marketing strategy alone. A professional agency will be of great help.

Facebook has more than 22.7 Billion active users, and half of them are between 18 to 34 years of age. Does it ring any bell in your mind?

If yes, you are on the right track of promoting your business through Facebook.  Unless you are a brand yourself like Christiano Ronaldo or Lady Gaga, your business will need a Facebook Page, and the story begins from there.

Business Page

Facebook Business pages work like a digital platform in social media to promote business. They are an excellent option to display products and services to the billions of Facebook users.

Information about the business and the products can be displayed best through the business page. One of the critical factors of a successful business page is its information. A well-organized page is routed for attracting more clients and business.

Facebook Advertising

It works like a conventional ad campaign on the side column. However, Facebook revolutionized this concept by providing demographic control over the ad display. It means you can decide who will see your ad by narrowing down to the target audience.

As a business owner, you know best to whom the product or service will suit best. Designing the ad base on that perspective will be much more effective.

However, understanding target audience demography and designing an ad accordingly is not always easy. A professional digital marketing company can be of great help in this situation.

Promoted Post on Facebook

Promoted posts are specialized posts that are specifically designed for a target audience. If you have a product or service that you think needs special promotion, you can go with this marketing method of Facebook.

This is a paid option that ensures better visibility to your target audience. Like the ad, you can choose the demography based on your business types and products. Therefore, the same issue goes with it too.

If you are aware of your audience, designing a post is really easy. However, most of the business owners, especially small businesses, do not get that much time to study and analyze the audience. In those cases, it is better to get help from a SEO agency that knows the market and buyers.

Sponsored Stories

It is more like word of mouth marketing on a digital platform. These ads target users' interaction to promote business and sales.

This method capitalizes on the user's attachment based on the interaction of his/her friends on that story. As an example, you will like the pages more confidently if you found any of your friends already liked it.

According to a recent survey, sponsored stories come with 20% lower CPC and 46% higher CTR than the conventional ads. Creating a sponsored story is little easier than any ad; however, it will be more effective if you design it with the help of a Facebook marketing agency.

Facebook Exchange  

The exchange program is a retargeting approach in digital marketing. It targets the audience based on its web-history data. If someone browses a page or profile in Facebook, the exchange program will ensure the reappearance of the ads on the side.

The exchange program has 40% lower CTR than any traditional ad campaign. Besides, this method is cheaper than both ads and sponsored stories.

How a Facebook Marketing Agency for Small Business Will Help You?

Yes, it is not a big deal to design a Facebook marketing strategy. But making them effective is highly complicated. A professional Facebook marketing agency will design the campaign using the following steps.

Defining Audience

Balancing demography and business goals is a skill that needs experience and mastery. If you are not a veteran marketing expert and business person, making this balance is not easy.

Digital marketing agencies know the market and consumer behaviour. This helps them to define their audience based on your business type.

Set Business Goal

Different products and services need particular goals to succeed in the marketing campaign. You may be the owner of the business but a marketing company knows how to jack up the business by setting different goals for different stages of marketing.

Moreover, undressing the sale funnel is also a vital factor in any marketing campaign. A Facebook marketing company uses a data-driven approach to utilize the funnel.

Page Optimization for Engagement

Optimizing the Facebook page for your business may seem straightforward but it is a complicated process. Filling up all the information to get the maximum attention for your potential client is an expert level job.

Can You Do Marketing on Facebook?

Yes, you can do some of the basic level stuff. However, a full-fledged campaign will be tricky. It is already clear that defining the audience, setting up the campaign goals, and optimizing the page for maximum viewership is not easy for an individual.

Hire The Best Facebook Marketing Manager Here in eGiiG

Facebook has now 2 billion monthly users and it’s also an excellent opportunity to reach up to new customers if you are running a new business. Book an appointment now to get started.